Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Cool Assignment

Wanna hear about my adventures so far? (Of course you do, or you would X out of this blog and keep stalking The Sartorialist's latest shots).

The first happened early last week. As a HUGE foodie, I've made it a personal goal to be the Food Editor's go-to-intern/BFF. While stopping in at her cubicle in the morning to ask if she needed help with anything, I got more than I expected: an invite to taste-test fried clams and oysters that night for the upcoming Summer Fun issue we're running. OF COURSE I dropped all my plans (whatever, friends, you'll be around tomorrow!) for the chance to eat fried seafood on The Mag's budget and pick the brain of one of the editors. We hit three places, and I did not pace myself at all, but it was so much fun that I would have eaten myself into a coma if I had to.

Lessons Learned:
• In food writing (and taste-testing, duh) always pace yourself. Don't touch that bread basket no matter how good it looks, and eat half of what you think you want.
• Checking in with editors when you've got down time leads to free food/great opportunities that you definitely would not get if you just sit at your desk twiddling your thumbs.
• Don't hassle them, but I've figured out that a lot of times, the editors are so busy they forget that we're there unless we remind them!

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