Monday, June 21, 2010

Coming To You Live From The Front Lines

Today is your lucky day. I will be reporting to you, right from the line of fire, the mouth of the dragon, the source of all power… a fashion magazine — just in case you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the seemingly dying world of journalism (look closely, jobs are out there!).

I will be a paid (I told you, they’re out there if you look hard enough!) online intern for the summer, and I’m hoping to stay on board post-summer as I will be graduating in December. I actually found the job posting right here on Ed! After an infinite number of interviews, I can’t believe I finally landed a job, and one that really seems suited to my preferences and skills.

I initially only applied to magazine postings. Since it was my final summer before graduating, I really wanted to make sure I got a job that I could eventually keep post-grad. However, things looked dark at best, and I had to branch out. I started applying to PR jobs, book publishing jobs (still on my radar), and even marketing (eeekh) positions. My hopes were slowly but steadily disappearing, until I got called in for an interview at an actual magazine, my original goal.

Honestly, I don’t have a great interest in the “online” world — I don’t really think I’ll be constructing websites in the near future. However, I do think that in today’s media world, even a rudimentary knowledge of the field is absolutely necessary. That’s why I took the job (and, I needed the money). Luckily enough, I’m not secluded to website construction and online archiving, as I get to pitch and write my own stories for the publication’s website! How awesome?

This is my sixth internship. Yes, I said SIX. Every night, before my facial, I pray for this intern-abuse to soon end, and for me to find my dream job, one that will make these past four years finally worth it.

And because of my experience in the intern world, I figured that it’s time for me to pass my knowledge to you young up-and-coming Edsters. Because I promise you, we all have gone through the grueling pains of internships, and it’s time for us to support each other…. And hope for the best.

Until next time!
Web Intern

PS- Check in for more next Wednesday, when I’ll be updating weekly.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I recently found an internship on this website that turned out to be slave labor at best for an online magazine with no office, no structure, basically lacking everything including punctuality. I just started working in the PR office for a big non-profit in New York getting paid a very decent amount of money per hour, but I want to work for a magazine, my dream is to become an editor but it's so hard to get your foot in the door if you don't have the right connections. I just wanted to say thank you for your Ed Intern Diaries and best wishes (btw this is internship number 4 and I'm a rising junior).