Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello From Outside NYC

I'm currently an intern at one of the biggest city magazines in the country. This whole anonymous thing is tricky, since I'm no good at being secretive and mysterious, but I will do my best to get you right in the thick of life at the magazine while being undercover.

I've already been at the magazine for a few weeks now, in addition to holding down another internship at a radio station doing web, multimedia, and audio work from time to time (yes, I've already had three mini-heart attacks at the mention of me + a Marantz audio recorder, but it's been a great learning experience so far) AND working at my regular job as a tour guide for my College. All in all, a big switch from my lazy summers as a sailing and waterskiing instructor/lifeguard at a small little camp in Middle-of-Nowhere, Maine. I keep marveling to my friends that this is what REAL grown-ups feel like in the summer: working 9-to-5, dressing for air conditioning, and trying to make some weekend getaways here and there.

But enough about me, and more about the good stuff: The Mag, as I'll call it from here on out. Like I said, it's a widely-read, well-respected monthly city magazine, which is a great way for me to dip my toes into the magazine world (which I've been in love with since I started stealing my mom's Vogues at age 11). I've interned at a small fashion mag and worked extensively for two of my school's glossies, but this is definitely a big opportunity for me. We're located in a BEAUTIFUL building in a beautiful area on the East Coast, so it's always a treat to show up to work — I can't get enough of the old-world architecture. I work in the editorial department, but am hoping to help out with the web side of things as well — I've got some experience running a website for a magazine already, but in this hyper-digital age, it can't hurt to have as much as possible, right?

We're a pretty big team of interns (there's usually 4 to 6 of us in the office on any given day), and we have our own little section of the office which I've learned is referred to among the staff as The Intern Den, which I think is a pretty awesome moniker. A lot of what I've been working on so far has been fact-checking and researching, but I have gotten a couple very cool opportunities so far. And you get to hear all about them next week!

How are your internships going, ladies and gents? Got any cool stories or tips to share? What do you want to see on the blog? Let me know, and Happy Interning!

City Magazine Gossip Girl

PS: Check back Tuesday to hear all about my first week!

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  1. I wanna hear the dirt!!!
    what really happens at the water cooler??