Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Things Fashion Interns Should Have In Their Bags At ALL Times

Hey Edsters,

It's been a long, hot, few months here in New York and I feel like I've come a long way since my first (smoldering) day in May. The amount of things to learn out here both inside and out of the office is vast and never ending.

Among the immense list of lessons and tricks I've acquired, one of the most important things is what to keep in my purse at all times because, well, there's never so such thing as a 'typical' day at the Fashion Mag...

Always bring a change of shoes. Especially if you're wearing heels and you have to go out on errands, it's going to kill your feet hiking up and down the metro stairs with clunky wedges or skinny-heeled stilettos. They might be cute for in the office but once you exit those doors, any sole taller than 1/2" requires some flip flops to be my new BFF inside my Michael Kors tote.

Having any type of gum/mint on hand is always helpful. You're always talking and interacting with all sorts of people that you're constantly making an impression on and having bad breath is never pleasant!

It rains everywhere; an umbrella will never be considered dead weight in your tote. The weather is always going to be unpredictable. I have a tiny compact umbrella that I keep tucked away in my bag that I can whip out at the drop of a hat raindrop. 

Cell phone, wallet, keys to your apartment... Sounds dumb but I've definitely left all three of these items at home more than a few times and it's no fun going the day with out your phone, money, or a way to get into your apartment when you're finally done with the day.

Snacks! I get through the day on Goldfish, Saltines, and all sorts of candy. If I didn't have a constant snack basket within my bag, I'd be one grumpy intern!

Intern, meet Mr. Bandaid and Mrs. Advil, your new BFFs. Currently, I have more blisters than fingers and toes and a few scars from them, too. Bandaids are a must, and if you're feeling daring, I prefer the Disney Princess ones :). As for Advil, you can pick your poison between that, Tylenol, or Motrin. All will aid in the head, stomach, feet, everything-aches you're bound to get at some point or another. 

Finally, my iPod is the one thing that keeps me sane throughout the day. I walk to work, which is about a mile from where I live in NYC. I like the walk because I can plug in, listen to some music, and get myself in the mindset of a long day ahead. And the walk home allows me to detox from the day and, whether it was a good or bad day, just listen to music and escape into my own world for the 30-minute stroll through midtown.

So, Edsters, what do you think about the peek in my purse? Am I missing anything essential? What are you have-to-have items?

Fashion Intern

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