Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding A (Virtual) Needle In A Haystack

Hi Edsters,

Things are starting to wind down at my internship.  Now as the summer draws to a close, I’m reflecting on my experiences from the past several weeks. While looking over the saved files on my work computer, I’ve singled out all of the projects I’ve completed for various staffers around the office. Some have directly resulted in bylines, but most have ended up as background filler for stories in the magazine.  The question is:  How did I come across this information? 


Although most people might find spending copious periods of time combing the web boring, I embrace the task wholeheartedly.  I appreciate the opportunity to assist editors or writers obtain data, whether it’s obscure or common knowledge, especially if they’re on deadline.  With my natural curiosity and inquisitive mind, I’m like a detective on the hunt for the cold hard facts.  

Just call me Nancy Drew.

A typical assignment might entail quickly checking the Internet Movie Database website to see when a certain film was released, what’s the name of an actor from a TV drama, etc.  Otherwise it involves going to various sites like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences page to find out more details such as the number of certain Oscar-winners who starred in films and TV programs together, a la six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Either way, it can be frustrating looking for information that’s hard to come by.  But in the end, the satisfaction of learning the answer is worth it.  Also, along the way I’ve picked up separate story ideas that I’ve shared with my editors.  One even resulted in another byline by yours truly!  I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride. 

Thanks for keeping the faith in me, Edsters.  

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