Monday, July 9, 2012

Do You Join In On Office Gossip?

Happy Monday, Edsters!

Hope you're all keeping cool under this scorching summer heat. Coincidentally, things have gotten a little heated at The Fashion Mag as well.

Lately there's been chatter behind the racks of clothing and at the water cooler about other interns. When I see groups of girls huddled around all unzipping the same garment bag, I instantly know something's up.

My first thought it, Is it about me?? I sure hope not! I try to do my job the best I can, I don't put my work off on other interns, yaddah, yaddah. But I also haven't noticed many other discrepancies between others. Then again, have I been paying attention? No, not really, I guess. I learned a while ago not to partake in office politics, just do my thing and when in doubt: play dumb. It's easier to be ignorant, in my mind at least, when it comes to chit chat about other people in the office. 

Well, these past few weeks, that has not been the case for other people in the closet we all share.
The other day, during a lull where there was not much for all of us to do, we were all sitting in chairs and just idly talking...YSL dropping the "Y," J Biebs, 50 Shades of Grey...the usual collegiate fashionista conversations.

Then, one girl drops a bomb. "Did you hear about 'Phoebe'?" Everyone's eyes shift to focus on the girl who made a vague yet bold statement. We all say no, we hadn't heard much about her. She is an intern for a specific editor and only comes in and out of the closet from time to time. Well, long story short, the girl said things about her and how she doesn't take her job seriously, doesn't show up for work, and puts all her tasks off on the other intern she works with. 

Apparently her other half was expressing her frustration and it got around how 'Phoebe' is a "sucky intern." When I first heard of 'Phoebe', it wasn't at the Fashion Mag; it was from a friend who knew her at another publication and had said similar things about her. Here's where the dilemma surfaces: to speak or not to speak? Obviously the girl doesn't value her interning experience the way everyone else, including myself, do. But who am I to judge? I'm just another intern and I'm here for myself, no one else.

So here I am, in a circle of my peers and fellow interns. Should I confide in them about what I know? Or do I keep it to myself and mind my own beeswax? Well, I decided on the latter. I just nod my head and let out a few oohs and ahhs as every one else talks. Regardless of how I feel about how this girl is conducting herself in the workplace, I don't want to be known as a gossip at work. I'd love to just blurt out everything I know but I've been burned before for doing that, so I've learned not to trust the rumor mill, especially in fashion (some girls can get cattttttty). 

However, this scenario begs the ultimate question: is partaking in a little "harmless" talking about people you work with a good idea? Does doing it outside of the office with your coworkers make it different from talking inside it? 

I'm always fuzzy on where to draw the line in these types of situations. What do you think, Edsters? Help a girl out wouldya?? Sound off below!

Fashion Intern

P.S. Any names in this story were changed and made up for the purpose of explaining the situation! 

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