Thursday, May 24, 2012

Introducing...The Regional Intern At Her First Mag Job

Hello Edsters!

After applying to a whole slew of magazines, getting rejected from some and never hearing back from most, I am proud to say I will be spending this summer working as an editorial intern at a lifestyle magazine in California. I’m expecting to be doing lots of copy-editing and fact-checking, but hope to do some writing too. I am beyond excited to finally get the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a big-time magazine writer.

I had pretty much given up on finding a magazine internship until I stumbled upon the listing on Ed. I e-mailed the editor with my resume and cover letter and heard back within a few hours. The catch? They wanted me to do a fact-check test and a 150-word restaurant write-up by the following week. I had never done fact-checking before, but I went ahead and wrote up the best questions I could think of, like she had asked me to. I also happened to be leaving town the next day for a weekend trip, but somehow it got done. I had one more Skype interview, and there ya go—hired!

What is there to know about me?

I’ve loved writing ever since I learned how to put pen to paper. As a six-year-old I was making fairytale storybooks, complete with full illustrations. Now, as a twenty-one-year-old, I stick to blogging about my days or writing for my university’s magazine.

I’ve never worked for a magazine before. But don’t worry; I know what I’m doing (hopefully…maybe.) My past internship experience has been with two different local newspapers. I got lots of chances to write, took on plenty of challenges, and even got a front-page story on my first day at work. Now I’m ready to see what the magazine world is all about, and to show them I’ve got what it takes to make it.

I studied abroad. I’m just finishing up a semester studying in Spain. It’s been an amazing three months traveling Europe and mastering Spanish, an experience that has definitely changed my outlook. I’ve seen some pretty cool places and done some pretty cool things, and it’s sure to influence my blog-writing. My dream is to be a travel writer someday.

I’m kind of a huge dork. If you love reading about people making fools of themselves—schadenfreude, as they say in Avenue Q. I can help you out with that. I take my work seriously, but sometimes I just can’t help but do some pretty embarrassingly goofy things. 

And there you have it, Edsters, me in a nutshell. I will do my best to provide my daily experiences with the magazine—the good, the bad and any lessons I may pick up along the way. I’ve got one more day to prepare before I start work. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience, so feel free to join along for the ride.

Is this your first mag internship too? Have any tips?

Until next Thursday,
Regional Mag Intern

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