Saturday, July 16, 2011

Southern in the City

Greetings from my closet-sized bedroom in the world's teeniest apartment! As most of my posts have been strictly business thus far, I’ve decided to get a little more personal this week and let you in on some of the juicy details of my life. As I mentioned in my first post, I love all things southern and was pretty worried about the transition to life in NY. But aside from my Chic-fil-A withdraws (it’s normal to have shaky hands, right?) and inability to master the subway system, I’m absolutely loving the city! In fact, I've decided I'm staying here no matter what.

Going from a big house with a yard to a very small apartment with no living room, washer/dryer or dishwasher was definitely an adjustment. But as a wise professor once said, “With so much to do in New York, why would you spend time in your apartment?” And she was right. Concerts, picnics, museums and late night strolls have dominated my free time, and I can feel myself growing in every way possible. People complain because NY is expensive, and I’ve definitely chimed in at times (Six dollars for cereal…seriously people!?), but I’ve also found that there’s so much free entertainment! People-watching in the East Village is enough to keep me entertained for an entire Saturday. Two highlights of my time in NY have been Rainbow City, a crazy art installation in Chelsea (pictured above), and the Gay Pride Parade.

NYC Pride was particularly moving because the state passed a law legalizing gay marriage the day before the parade. Especially coming from the south, where homosexuals aren’t (for the most part) as accepted in our culture, it was a really amazing experience to witness all of the love, support and celebration of individuality that embodies NYC Pride. Couples marched down the streets carrying signs reading “31 Years”, and preachers followed behind in support. I love Tennessee, but let's be honest, that would never happen there.

Rainbow City is an art installation at the lot on 30th street in Chelsea. It’s one of the neat cultural attractions that makes me so happy that I’m able to be here, experiencing everything the world has to offer.

What have been your favorite experiences in NY so far, edsters? Would you move here after college?

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  1. I'm planning on moving up there in a month, and it's good to hear that you're not bothered by the lack of space! I'm in North Carolina now, and I've been worried that I'll miss having room to myself, but maybe I'll enjoy it as much as you are. If you don't mind my asking, what are you paying for your tiny bedroom?

  2. my dream is to move to NYC after graduation! i'm hoping to be a buyer or editor. fingers crossed!

  3. My teeny tiny bedroom is $900/mo., which is completely insane, but pretty standard in Manhattan.

  4. Geez! How are you affording that? Is your internship paid, or are you doing side work?