Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best Part About Working For A National Mag (Hint: Inside Celeb Scoop)

Ohhhh, Edsters. Does the Men’s Magazine have some dirt?! And boy is it good. And boy are we sworn to secrecy about it until the story goes live. But boyyy is it good.

So, seeing as I can’t tell you lovelies who I am or what magazine to peruse the SECOND the story gets published, I’m sorry for the teaser. But being in the know for any publication is one of the most exciting little adventures the office can hold. It’s very much like a flashback to high school—you hear a murmur…you look around…wait, what was that they said?...strain your ears a little…and in a minute, the whole office is talking. Yaaa…so maybe some celebs had a fling and tried to keep it quiet—until one of them spilled it all. I mean, let’s just open THAT can.

That’s what I’ve been loving a lot this week. The other interns and I have been invited to some of the meetings going on around the office. Sometimes that means really boring ones with just updates and sometimes that means really interesting ones, like when we get briefed on the upcoming issue. Since my last blog, I’ve been keeping true to my hopes, and I’ve been trying to network at these meetings. I’ve been able to meet people from the fashion department, people who take chare of all our PR inquiries, and the associated editor. Very awesome. I mean, I know we all know it, but contacts are completely indispensible. It also helps for future conversations, too.

For example, I’m waiting by the printer. Associate editor walks up. Maybe there’s a second of silence, but then I remember an interview he was really jazzed to have today. He had mentioned it at the last meeting. So, YES, I asked him about it. Not only was he double excited to get to talk about it again, but I got more inside scoop on our next issue. I’m building a relationship and learning about the magazine at the same time. Just make sure you take advantage of every single opportunity. This summer is going by way too fast, already. Everything counts.

I hear a lot of people admit this, and it’s true: Magazines are incestuous. If people haven’t worked at a magazine, they know someone who has or does. And as uptight as I imagined New York to be, everyone I’ve met around the office and the building has been incredibly nice and willing to help. Everyone is someone you can turn back to (hopefully) and ask for advice next summer or after graduation.

So for now, I’m still soaking up the excitement that’s always around the office. I found a part-time job (yay!) and I am pretty much a pro at the subway system. Every magazine has its little secrets and stories—and sometimes they’re soooo hard to keep! How about it, Edsters? Keep it anonymous and void of too many details, but what have YOU been dying to spill? Make it juicy!

For now,
Ed’s Web Intern

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