Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fashion Rookie's First Magazine Interview

“You’re in for it today,” a stranger laughingly commented as I passed him on the sidewalk.

And he was right. There I was, trudging along the streets of the city in heels and a dress in a torrential downpour. My umbrella kept my outfit semi-dry, but the humidity defeated my hair, turning it into a frizzy mess – not exactly the look I was going for on the day of my interview with one of the chicest fashion magazines.

I made sure to arrive early to ease my anxious nerves. I parked myself at a nearby café and dried myself off and tamed my hair as best as I could (which isn’t saying much). Finally, interview time rolled around and I did my best to walk into the building’s lobby without shaking. My interviewer came down to meet me and led me to the magazine’s office, where I played it cool while I was actually bursting from excitement on the inside!

It was my first interview with a magazine. Over the past 5 months I’ve sent my resume out to about 30 different publications. This mag was the first to respond – a huge surprise, considering its reputation and my lack of prior internship experience. I was offered an internship on the spot and immediately accepted. While it is a fashion internship and not an editorial one, which I would have preferred, I know an opportunity when I see one!

Check back every Monday to read about my experiences (and learn from my mistakes) as I spend my summer interning at a fashion magazine!

Fashion Intern

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